Jane O'Connor brings Fancy Nancy to Oodles of Fans

Hooray for Books! was thrilled to host Jane O'Connor, beloved author of the Fancy Nancy books, as she presented her final Fancy Nancy picture book, Oodles of Kittens, to an auditorium filled with little girls in tiaras, beads, feathers, princess gowns, and glitter. Fancy Nancy is known for her posh style and fancy words. Young readers are drawn to her outlandish outfits and fun, while parents enjoy the introduction of new vocabulary words in the Fancy Nancy stories.

Ms. O'Connor delighted the crowd with a larger than life reading of Oodles of Kittens. She then gave attendees a lesson in posture and demonstrated her technique with a banana. Volunteers eagerly tested out the procedure, creating a parade of little girls with bananas on their heads—something you definitely don’t see every day!

Guests and staff were grateful that Ms. O'Connor stayed to sign more than 200 books for her fans, and extra for our store. From the smiles we saw it was clear that everyone had a wonderful time.

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