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Meet the Author: Winifred Conkling


We are excited to welcome back author Winifred Conkling with her new book, Heroism Begins with Her. This book is a compilation of more than eighty fiercely patriotic and empowering stories of courageous women in the US military throughout American history and how they’ve impacted our country. Come be inspired and have your book signed by Winifred!

Recommended for readers ages 8 and up.


Women have served in the military for centuries, as nurses, pilots, engineers, or soldiers while disguising themselves as men, working for little pay and enduring inequality. And yet the stories of these bold, brave, and fearless female patriots are not often told. Until now.

There is no heroism without her. You’ll see the gutsiness of American gals like Margaret Corbin, Harriet Tubman, and Tammy Duckworth, who fought, died, and lived for their country. The braveness of women like Clara Barton, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, and Reba Z. Whittle, who crossed battle lines to save lives. The boldness of military ladies like Shaye Haver, Kristen Griest, and Susan Ahn Cuddy, who broke molds. The stories of these women, and countless others, will prove just one thing: Women really can do anything.

This book features brief but powerful biographies that will inspire, amaze, and fascinate readers seeing the risks women took and the lengths they went to for the people and places they love.

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