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Independent Bookstore Day: Meet Author Tesa Jones

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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day with special guest, author Tesa Jones. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Tesa is thrilled to return to her hometown and sign her second novel, Reflections of Memories. This tale of family, friendship, and love incorporates the historical events and cultural changes of the tumultuous 1900s, while following the course of one couple whose connection is stronger than class or circumstance.


Richard Malone and Caroline Sue Miller are born on the same day to parents who live on opposite sides of the societal fences in a small coal-mining town of western Pennsylvania. Despite the economic differences between their families, the two children become best friends, and their unexpected friendship eventually blossoms into forbidden love. As Richard and Caroline make their way through life, their choices often veer their love off course, but the bond they share has deep roots that continually pull them together again.