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We have extended our regular hours, so you have more time to browse and buy books!  Our new hours are 
Mondays-Saturdays, 10 am-8 pm and Sundays, 10 am-6 pm.

Our Wee Ones Story Time is a stroller-free zone! This is to ensure a safe, fun environment at story time! Thank you for your cooperation! Hooray for story time!
Wednesday, August 31st: We can't wait to have author and illustrator Henry Cole (A Nest for CelesteUnspoken: A Story from the Underground RailroadSpot the Cat) at Hooray for Books! He will present and sign his newest picture book Eddie the Bully5 pm.
Eddie is the meanest chicken in the class, and no one is safe from his bullying! So when a new student, Carla the Pig, comes to class everyone is prepared for the worst. But does she have a way to stop Eddie's bullying? This charming, laugh-out-loud funny picture book teaches children about the power of kindness and the joy of true friendship.
Saturday, September 10th: Hooray for Books! presents our September LOLA (Love Our Local Authors) Festival! Look for a newsletter soon with more details on the amazing authors you will have the chance to meet! 1-5 pm.
Sunday, September 11th: As we enter the 2016 baseball postseason, Hooray for Books! is excited to welcome author Natalie Dias Lorenzi for the launch of her newest novel, A Long Pitch Home. This book about cultural relocation has been called "warm, sensitive, and realistic" by Kirkus Reviews. 2 pm.
When Bilal's family suddenly moves to America, his father, Baba, stays behind in Pakistan. In America, Bilal embraces baseball, an unexpected new friend, and a new language. But this new way of life doesn't feel so special without Baba -- will Baba ever get to America to see Bilal pitch a game?
Friday, September 16th: William Kamkwamba, inventor and author of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, will visit Hooray for Books! to talk about his inspiring life and to sign copies of his book. The signing line will be ticketed, so order a copy of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind to reserve your spot. To order, call us at 703-548-4092. If you already own a copy, Hooray for Books! will donate your purchase to a local library, school or homeless shelter. If you do not want to purchase a copy ofThe Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, you can still attend the event by registering. Registration is free, but you will not get a ticket to the signing line. Space is limited, so order your book or register today. 6:30 pm.
Thursday, September 22nd: We're so excited to welcome Andrea Beaty to Hooray for books! Beaty is the author of the New York Times best-selling picture books Iggy Peck, Architect andRosie Revere, Engineer. She will be here presenting her newest picture book, Ada Twist, Scientist, which has all of the hallmarks we've come to love in Iggy Peck Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer -- from imaginative rhymes to outlandish experiments to inspirational children doing great things. If you love Beaty's first two books as much as we do, you will not want to miss out on this fantastic new book, being released on September 6th! You can pre-order your copy at Hooray for Books! by dropping by or calling 703-548-4092 during regular business hours! 6 pm.
Monday, September 26th: We are thrilled to announce that author and cartoonist extraordinaire Kate Beaton is coming to Hooray for Books! If you are a fan of webcomics, then you might already love Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant series. If you frequent our Wednesday Story Times, then you definitely know how much we love her first picture book, The Princess and the Pony. Now, come out to Hooray for Books! as Beaton presents her second and newest picture book, King Baby, available on September 13th. Just as hilarious as all of Beaton's work, King Baby is sure to be a story time favorite that will resonate with everyone who has ever been a parent, aunt or uncle, sibling, or even just seen a baby in action. Pre-order your copy at Hooray for Books! by dropping by or calling 703-548-4092 during regular business hours. You must purchase at least one Scholastic title from Hooray for Books! in order to join the signing line.
 6 pm. 
Wednesday, September 28th: Author and illustrator Juana Medina (1 Big Salad) will be at Hooray for Books! to present her newest novel for the elementary school crowd, Juana and Lucas. This beautifully illustrated chapter book will appeal to fans of Judy Moody and Clarice Bean! 6 pm.
Juana loves many things: drawing; eating Brussels sprouts; living in Bogota, Columbia; and especially her dog, Lucas. She does not love wearing her itchy school uniform or going to dance class, and she especially doesn't love learning English. But when her grandparents tell her about a special trip they are planning -- a trip where they will need Juana to speak English -- she begins to think learning English might be a good use of her time, after all.
Friday, September 30th: Hooray for Books! welcomes author James Ponti (the Dead City trilogy), as he presents and signs his latest novel, Framed -- the exciting first book in a new mystery series! 6 pm.
Imagine that you're halfway through your homework when the Director of the F.B.I. starts frantically texting you for help. What do you do? Save your grades? Or save your country? If you're Florian Bates, you figure out a way to do both. Florian is twelve years old, and new to Washington D.C., when he and his friend, Margaret, stumble into a huge mystery: It involves the National Gallery, the F.B.I., and a notorious crime syndicate called EEL. Can Florian help the F.B.I. and finish his homework? And how can his technique -- T.O.A.S.T, or the Theory Of All Small Things -- help save the day?
Tuesday, October 4th: We're really happy that Adam Gidwitz, author of the much beloved Grimm Series, will be at Hooray for Books to present his newest novel, The Inquisitor's Tale: Or, Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog! If you enjoy stories about the middle ages, fantasy stories, the tales of Geoffrey Chaucer, and/or stories with dogs, you will love this book! The Inquisitor's Tale is available on September 27th: To get a ticket to the signing line, pre-order your copy at Hooray for Books! by visiting or calling 703-548-4092 during regular business hours. If you do not want to purchase a book, you can still attend the event by registering. Registration is free, but you will not get a ticket to the signing line. Space is limited, so order your book or register today! 6:30 pm.
Tuesday, October 11th: Did you love the Rio Olympics? Have you always wanted to meet an Olympic athlete? Well, then, mark your calendars! This autumn, author and Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi will visit Hooray for Books! to present and sign her newest picture book, Cara's Kindness, which will be released on October 4th. You can pre-orderCara's Kindness from Hooray for Books! by calling us at 703-548-4092 during regular business hours or simply drop by the store to place your order! This event is free, but space is limited, so we ask that if you plan on attending, you call to register with us. Thank you! 6 pm.
As Cara the cat struggles to choose a soundtrack for her figure skating performance, she notices Darby the dog seems a little down. When she discovers Darby is sad because he doesn't know how to ice skate, Cara happily puts aside her problem to help a friend -- but she tells Darby he should help someone, too. Before long, Darby helps out a friend, who helps out another friend, and the circle of kindness makes its way back to Cara just in time for her figure-skating performance!
Nothing smells better than a new book, book lovers!

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